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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs 2I was a chubby19 year old college student. I used to go to the gym, and
hang out in the sauna. I wasn't athletic, I just liked looking at the naked
bodies. I never made a move on anyone, because I felt no one wanted a
chubby guy, and if they turned out to be straight, I didn't want to get my
head bashed in. I was sitting in the sauna, and some guys who were in there
talking, took a look at me and left. It only made lolita art top sites me feel worse about
myself because I was sure they left because they didn't like what they saw.
A few minutes later, a guy in his 40's walked in. It was one of my
professors from last semester. He was a skinny, hairy guy, in pretty good
shape. I watched as he took his towel off and put it on the bench and sat
down across from me. He had a really nice cock, bigger than mine even
though it was soft. I had made a good decision to keep my towel wrapped
around me so he couldn't see I was hard as I watched him.He started chatting with me, asking how I was doing. He asked if I came to
the gym to work out, and I said no, I ukrainian lolita nymphets galleries just wanted to work up a good sweat.
He surprised me when he said he thought I looked fine the way I was, and I
didn't need to lose weight. I said that was easy for him to say because he
was in good shape, and I was chubby ukrainian lolita nymphets galleries and no one was ever interested in me.
He asked if I ever considered sex with guys, because some guys liked sex
with chubs. Figuring a picture was worth 1000 words, I unwrapped my towel,
and let him see my hard four inch cock. He said it was beautiful, and asked
if he could feel it. I spread my legs and he sat on the bench next to me
and wrapped his hand around my cock and started stroking me slowly. It felt
incredible. He told me the whole time I was in his class, he kept trying to
imagine me naked. I moaned softly as he stroked my cock. I noticed his
cock was getting hard, and I started stroking him. It was a good eight
inches. I was about to suck him, when we heard voices outside. He asked me
if I wanted to go to his apartment and continue our conversation. I got up
and he said not to shower, that we could do that at his place.After we got dressed and left, I got in his car with him, and we chatted on
the way to his place. He told me his wife was out of town for the week and
we could enjoy ourselves. When we got in his apartment, he slid his hands
under my sweatshirt, and I pulled it teen model tgp lolitas off. He leaned in and started sucking
my nipples as he slid my sweatpants down and I stepped out of them. He got
on his knees and started sucking my cock. He made me feel incredibly sexy
as his hands roamed my body. He took off his clothes and I felt his hairy
chest. He took me to the bedroom and we lay in a 69 position. I deep
throated his big cock, breathing in the wonderful smell of his sweaty
crotch. I felt like I was going to cum and warned him, but he sucked harder
and faster until i shot my load in his mouth. He swallowed my load, and got
on top of me and tongue kissed me. I could taste my cum in his mouth. He
started grinding his hairy body against mine, and i felt his big thick cock
against my crotch . I asked him to get on all preteen model lolly pictures fours and I parted his hairy
cheeks and found his hole. I started licking it with my tongue and pressed
my mouth against his asshole as my tongue darted in and out of it. I loved
this intimacy with a professor.He told me he wanted to fuck me and asked if I had ever been fucked before,
and I told him I had. He licked a finger, and slid it into my ass. When he
saw it went in easily, he slid two more fingers inside me and started
stretching my hole open. He straddled my face and had me suck him. He told
me to get it good and wet, and then he pulled out and pulled my legs up on
my chest, as he put his hard throbbing cock head against my hole. I started
to push out as he pushed in and his cock slid deep inside me. We moaned in
unison as his big cock filled me and slid in and out of me slowly. My cock
was hard again as he kept fucking me with long slow strokes. I loved
feeling his hairy body against mine, and his tongue deep in my mouth as his
cock was deep in my ass. ]I started to clamp down on his cock with my ass,
and he started thrusting faster and harder. His cock must have been passing
over my prostate because I felt waves of pleasure with every thrust. As he
fucked me, I felt my balls stirring and I shot a second load between us. He
scooped up my cum and fed it to me and then kissed me so we both could taste
it. His cock started throbbing and I clamped down hard, and felt him
shooting a huge load into me. When he was done, he pulled out and ate the
cum out of my ass. Then he kissed me so we could taste his load. I told
him he was fantastic.As we lay there, I licked his pits and told him how sexy he was. I told
him we could do this anytime he wanted. He had me stay the week and we made
love over and over. He told me he was a chaser in the fellowship of chubs,
and if i wanted to be part of it, I would never be without a hard cock
inside me. He told me for now, I was his chub, but he would arrange for me
to be with other guys later.
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